Number26 Launches Maestro Card With Contactless Payment

German startup Number26 just launched a new product. As the company is trying to reinvent your banking experience, this isn’t your average product. Number26 is launching a Maestro Card in addition to its MasterCard. All users can get both cards for free.

In case you aren’t familiar with MasterCard’s product line, Maestro is a debit card with more restrictions than your usual MasterCard. Both cards support contactless payment. The new Maestro card could be a good second card to lend to your family for example. Maestro cards are supported in 650,000 locations in Germany and Austria.

Compared to other banks, Number26 provides many interesting features. For example, you can block your card for online transactions, or you can block the withdrawal feature, or you can block everything. In just one tap, you can re-enable your card’s features.

But the best part is that you can receive push notifications seconds after any transaction. It’s a great way to make sure that there isn’t any fraudulent activity for example.

The company also released a new update today to its mobile app with a couple of new nifty features. You can now notify Number26 that you want to make your Number26 account your main account. The company will take care of notifying your employer and other direct debits. Finally, you can now manually set payment and ATM limits in the app.

So far, 90,000 have signed up for a Number26 bank account. The company recently launched in 6 new European countries. It has also turned retail shops into bank branches. And you can now set up a customizable overdraft.

Maestro cards are yet another nice addition to Number26. Every month, it looks like the company is adding more features to let you turn Number26 into your main bank account.