INNOVATE2016: Who Won The Republican Debate In Las Vegas?

Who won the Republican debate at the Venetian on Tuesday

I was in the spin room immediately after the event with a film crew and got immediate reaction from a number of luminaries including Republican Nevada Senator Dean Heller, former Bush chief media advisor Mark McKinnon and CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

While it was difficult to determine winners, I thought Trump performed poorly – although judging from the enormous crowds surrounding The Donald in the spin room, you’d think he’d just won the Presidency. Spin, spin, spin.

But I also sat down for substantial conversations with a number of prominent Republicans including Congressman Darrell Issa, RNC strategy head Sean Spicer and prominent Stanford University thinker and Rubio advisor LanHee Chen.

More of these interviews in the coming weeks on Innovate2016 and I’m in Baltimore next week to interview Governor Martin O’Malley.

Many thanks to CALinnovates and Lincoln Labs for helping to produce the Las Vegas show.