Pastebin, The Text Sharing Website, Updates With An Emphasis On Code

Pastebin, now home to 95 million “active” pieces of text, has gotten a complete overhaul including a new mobile friendly site that lets coders share snippets of text on their phones.

Sites like Pastebin have long been a programmer’s scratchpad, allowing coders to send snippets back and forth in real time. Until now, however, the site has been difficult to use on mobile.

“Due to the type of content on the site, making it work on mobile devices wasn’t easy,” said founder Jeroen Vader. “Having long code strings fit on a tiny mobile screens was the challenge, but we managed to pull it off. The look and feel we’ve tried to go for is a flat and modern look. All the images have been remade from scratch & now also look great on retina displays.”

The site now supports syntax highlighting in 227 languages and sees 18 million monthly visitors. They’ve also updated the code base and security to ensure your snippets of Haskell are in good hands.