The Missing Leak In Marketplaces

Here's the rap on marketplaces where buyers meet sellers: Some of them leak revenue. Unicorns are looking leaky these days.

UPDATE: Brazilian Judge Shuts Down WhatsApp And Brazil’s Congress Wants To Shut Down The Social Web Next

A temporary WhatsApp shutdown is not even close to the craziest thing happening with the Brazilian internet right now. If Brazil’s conservative Congress gets its way, they’re going to take down th

A Proposed California Law Would Require Drivers For Driverless Cars

In what is sure to be seen by some as government interference and general misunderstanding of technology, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has released a proposal that would require drivers

New Relic CEO On The Joy Of Not Being In “That Unicorn Bucket”

Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of the seven-year-old software analytics company New Relic, has a lot for which to be thankful. Near the very top of his list? The fact that New Relic went public a year ag

Padmasree Warrior On Why She Chose To Take On Her New Role As NextEv CEO

NextEv, a Chinese electric car company potentially taking on Tesla and Faraday Future, has tapped Padmasree Warrior for the U.S. CEO position. Warrior will also head up software development and the u

China’s UnionPay Steps Into Mobile Commerce Deal With UK Startup

On the heels of reports that Apple Pay is gearing up for a February launch of its mobile payment service in China (update: it is, and so is Samsung), the country’s biggest credit card company ha

A Call To Arms Against McCarthy 2.0

This week, I learned that HR-158 has Obama’s support, has cleared the House of Representatives with a whopping 407-19 majority, and is on track to be passed by the Senate within days. While the bill

Rwanda’s Not-So-Improbable Ambition To Be A Startup Hub of Africa

It’s an odd feeling to come from California, one of the world’s most prodigious economies where the infrastructure and public systems are simultaneously falling apart in plain view, and

Why Pandora Shares Are Going Crazy

Music listening service Pandora saw a dramatic dip and then a dramatic 22% spike in after-hours trading Wednesday, as investors were reading the tea leaves and then learned of the royalty rate decisi

CAH’s Max Temkin On ‘Secret Hitler’ And Making Fun Games For Money

If you’re a maker, getting people excited about what you’re doing can be difficult — no matter what it is you’re making. One guy, Max Temkin, has been “lucky” enoug

How To Make Calculated Decisions When Forming Your GP Entity

You just turned 30 and are either a successful entrepreneur who made a fortune developing a very popular gaming app, or you're one of the early employees at an emerging technology company that just ac

Amazon Leads $23M Investment In India-Based Home Services Startup Housejoy

Amazon has led a $23 million investment in India-based Housejoy, a startup that -- as the name not so subtly suggests -- is much like Homejoy, the home services on-demand company that closed its doors

Bucket, A Travel Planner That Automatically Creates Recommendation Lists, Expands Nationwide

Early Facebook employee and longtime travel aficionado Julia Lam began studying consumer travel habits over a year ago to see how people planned their vacations and business trips. What she found was

You Can Now Order Ubers (And Soon Lyfts) In Facebook Messenger To Prove You’re On Your Way

Facebook Messenger now lets you order "Transportation", starting with Uber and with more services on the way. Facebook's twist is that ordering a car via Messenger alerts those in your chat thread tha

Facebook Filters Out Sadness And Adds Editing To Your Year In Review Photoset

Facebook broke some hearts in 2014 when its algorithmically selected Your Year In Review photosets accidentally included depressing photos of people's exes, blocked friends and deceased loved ones.

Hit Or Miss, A Tinder-Like Curated Fashion Shopping App, Looks To Keep Shopping Simple

Amber Reyngoudt and Dave Peck want to figure out how to perfect the mobile shopping experience — and they thinks it’s flipping through fewer products, not more. Skull Ninja Labs’ first

The Latest Gear VR Ad Follows A Very Important, And Necessary, Narrative

Whether you can find a Samsung Gear VR in time for the holidays or not, the company behind the mobile virtual reality accessory keeps releasing ads that follow a very important narrative for the futur

Apple Music Rolls Out “Star Wars” Radio

What’s this? Another major tech company has found a way to capitalize on consumers’ fervor for the new “Star Wars” movie? Shocking! The latest to join the fray is Apple, which

Afero Is An IoT Dev Platform Play Built By Danger Co-Founder Joe Britt

Remember Danger? The mobile maker Microsoft acquired for $500 million back in 2008 in the hopes of firing up its mobile fortunes? Things didn't pan out quite so well for Microsoft of course, but Dange

Philips Hue Reverses Decision To Block Third-Party Light Bulbs

Philips shipped a controversial firmware update for its Philips Hue bridge yesterday. The company <a href="">dec
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