SocialRank Helps You Understand Your Followers — And Now It’s Getting Collaborative

Hey, it’s great that you’re trying to get more followers, but what about understanding the followers you already have? That’s what New York City startup SocialRank aims to provide, and today it launched a new feature called SocialRank for Teams.

If you haven’t used it, SocialRank analyzes your Twitter and Instagram accounts to help you identify things like your most valuable followers, or followers who live in a certain city, or followers who say that they’re interested in a certain topic.

To be clear, co-founder Alex Taub said this is all public data — SocialRank isn’t prying into private accounts, but theoretically, “If I wanted an intern to have a really annoying job, they could go in there [and find this information].” So why use SocialRank? Well, having an intern do it is “just not a great use of anyone’s time,” and it gets tougher when you’re talking about brands with millions of followers.

Taub said that one of the biggest requests that SocialRank has gotten comes from users who say, “I’ve got a team of eight social media managers, I’ve got seven marketers, a comms team and we all have to share the password.”

So SocialRank for Teams allows you to create a custom URL for your team (such as and each of them can sign into SocialRank with their own logins. You can also group users into different teams, set permissions and all tap into SocialRank’s Market Intel feature (the only thing it charges for so far) to analyze followers from other accounts.

What’s more interesting is where Taub sees this going. He said SocialRank could add additional collaborative features over time, such as notes and campaign performance tracking.

“We’re laying down a foundation, in some degree, to go after the Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” he said. “To be blunt about it, we believe that this is what Salesforce should be doing around audience.”

The current plan is to keep SocialRank for Teams free. You can read more on the SocialRank blog.