Lightsaber Yourself With Facebook’s Star Wars Profile Pics

Show you’re down with The Force this week then hide your Jedi ways with Facebook’s new Star Wars temporary profile pictures.

Just in time for the release of The Force Awakens, click here then hit the Try It button and Facebook will let you add a scary red Dark Side cross-guard lightsaber or a benevolent blue over one of your photos. Then you can make it your profile pic and set an expiration date for when you want to go back to your normal profile from this galaxy.

You can also find the option in the Star Wars Facebook Page’s timeline.

Facebook Star Wars Profile Picture

The temporary profile pic feature is the same one Facebook used to let people celebrate Pride, rep their college football squad, and root for other sports teams. Facebook seems to like the idea of Snapchat’s branded selfie lenses.

Is this shameless way for Facebook to cash in on all the Star Wars buzz? Absolutely. But it’s still fun. And at least since they’re temporary, you won’t have friends stuck as Sith Lords.