Google Inbox Gets Sharable Trip Bundles, Improved Photo Attachments

tripsharing2Inbox by Gmail, Google’s next-gen email client for mobile and the web, has its fair share of marquee features, but one of its most useful is its ability to bundle emails about an upcoming trip into a single Trip Bundle.

Today, Google is improving this feature, and on mobile, it’s making it easier to attach multiple photos from all of those trips you take to your emails.

Until now, Trip Bundles sat in your Inbox, but you couldn’t do all that much with them. Starting this week, you’ll be able to take these bundles and share them with anybody with an email address. So instead of sending five emails about all of your flights, hotel and car reservations, you can now send a single email to keep your family up to date about your business travels.

You can also now easily add emails to your trip — maybe because Google didn’t recognize a hotel booking or because you want to include the directions to a meeting one of your colleagues sent you.

As for the improved mobile attachments feature, Inbox already allowed you to quickly attach a single image from your phone, but now it’s also easier to attach multiple photos at once. Not exactly a feature that will shatter your view of reality, but it’s a nice little addition to what’s already a pretty good email client.