Cloudyn Cloud Monitoring Service Catches $11 Million Investment

Cloudyn, a service for monitoring and optimizing cloud usage across multiple vendors, announced an $11 million Series B investment today.

The round was led by Carmel Ventures with participation of previous investors Titanium Investments and RDSeed. Today’s investment brings the total to $16.5 million.

Cloudyn provides an interesting tangential service for enterprise cloud consumers. It enables them to monitor their usage across a variety of services and optimize that use. This year, the company also added the ability to increase capacity when needed through the Cloudyn platform, founder and CEO Sharon Wagner told TechCrunch.

The new tool shows a change in enterprise cloud buying as consumers not only try to maximize or shrink the services they have, but expand their usage and select and manage larger configurations. “In the last year with a majority of the market, most clients asked us to add new tools, to help them grow their cloud,” Wagner explained.

This means instead of trying to take down servers they aren’t using, they are looking for ways to find the best value when selecting larger configurations. “Customers are trying to reduce cost and also grow efficiently by providing self-provisioning of cloud resources and growing the cloud footprint,” he said.

Cloudyn supports multiple infrastructure services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and OpenStack.

The company is based in Tel Aviv in Israel, and is part of the lively startup scene there. Wagner wants to take some of today’s investment and begin to expand into other geographical areas. With 80 percent of its customers in the US, Cloudyn will start by opening at least one US office in 2016.

While Wagner would not share the number of customers, he did say Cloudyn is managing over 200,000 virtual machines in the cloud. The company currently has 30 employees, but he expects that to double in the next 12 months.