DataScience Raises $22M To Predict Customer Value, Reduce Traffic Deaths And More

DataScience, the data science startup with the name (and URL) that every other data science startup wants, announced today that it has raised $22 million in Series A.

The company says that it uses a combination of in-house data scientists, proprietary technology and custom data models to help businesses do things like predict a customer’s lifetime value and analyze the common features in negative online reviews.

“Many [existing] tools output a barrage of key performance indicators, which are scattered in different emails, PDF reports, and dashboard visualizations,” said co-founder and CEO Ian Swanson in the funding release. “This results in wasted time and effort in trying to figure out where to focus to make impactful decisions. We designed DataScience to show customers precisely what they need to know to answer their toughest questions and to collaborate on those insights so they can quickly be put into action.”

Tinder, Sonos and Belkin already use DataScience. It’s also working with the City of Los Angeles on an initiative to eliminate traffic-related deaths.

The new funding is an extension of the company’s $4.5 million Series A and was led by Whitehart Ventures. DataScience has now raised more than $28 million in total funding.