Veyo Care Matches Senior Citizens With Caregivers

Veyo Care aims to a solve a problem facing an aging global population, by helping seniors find the appropriate caregivers. The Berlin-based startup launched at TechCrunch London 2015, with a mobile app that matches senior citizens with their ideal caretakers and lets family members keep tabs on their loved one’s status.

Described as a “marketplace platform that connects caregivers and families,” the Veyo Care providers help with an assortment of tasks, including grocery shopping, housekeeping and transportation. Family members get real-time updates and learn what tasks have been completed.

Co-founder and CEO Maximilian Greschke told TechCrunch that Veyo Care is hoping to solve problems in the care industry, for both the seniors and the caretakers. Senior care is currently “a fragmented market with inefficient process,” said Greschke. Caregivers “work more than they should because there is such an imbalance of supply and demand.”

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Veyo Care said it aims to improve the logistics of caretaking so that it becomes a better-paying and  more stable profession. As an alternative to freelancing, Veyo Care tries to match seniors with a long-term caregiver that suits the senior’s needs.

The startup also expects to help the caregivers with tasks, including invoicing, payment processing and filing tax reports. By taking away the middlemen (agencies), Veyo Care expects that caretakers will be able to make higher salaries.

In addition to providing background checks, Veyo Care said that it will optimize care hires by using psychological tests that measure empathy, an important trait for any caretaker. Veyo Care will also require that everyone meets face-to-face before they begin working.

They will also have a strict peer review standard. “If someone gets bad ratings, they are off the platform,” said Greschke.

Greschke, a former engineer at Delivery Hero, said he was inspired to create Veyo Care after talking to his cousin’s husband, who is a caretaker. Other co-founders include Katherine Liu, Jana Krivorotko and Sydney Francois.

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