Jeff Bezos (And Probably Others) Would Like To Send Donald Trump To Space

Trump, Trump, Trump. I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about him but he just won’t go away. And it’s not even really full-on election season yet.

One of his latest Twitter barks (and there have been many) was at CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos:

Sick burn, right? Well, Bezos came back with this whopper:

It’s been a weird year for political candidates, as they have taken to all forms of media to make their thoughts and feelings heard. While not everyone is taking the “spray and pray” approach that Trump is, when they say something on Facebook or Twitter, the world ends up seeing it. And this time, the world included his target, Bezos.

Let’s get to the space ride, though. Does he have to pay for his seat? I hope so. Although my main question is, “Does it have a return flight?” Let’s hope not.

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