Staying Up Late At The Disrupt London Hackathon

Dropping by the Disrupt London hackathon at around midnight, we expected to see many participants losing energy or flat-out asleep — and understandably so. Instead, almost everyone remained appallingly friendly, enthusiastic and eager to talk about their projects.

They may have gotten a boost from the traditional midnight offerings of beer and pizza, not to mention a mysterious caffeinated beverage that seemed to be sitting, half-empty, on virtually every table.

We hate to pick favorites, especially since the judges will be making their own decisions in just a few hours. So our hats go off to each team (including the one building an Internet-connected sombrero) planning to power through till morning — particularly the ones who put up with our increasingly inebriated and off-topic questions.

Tickets to Disrupt London are still available and can be purchased here.