Jompeame Wants To Reduce Poverty In South America Through Crowdfunding

Jompeame (Jumpstartme in Spanish) is a new crowdfunding site aimed at helping the impoverished in Latin America.

“Our mission initially is to change the lives of at least 5 people in this condition every week, in every country we expand to,” said co-founder and CEO Katherine Motyka. The site is currently raising money to launch formally but they’ve already raised $25,000, which is enough to support 59 people in the Dominican Republic.

“Take in account that only 40 percent of population in DR has Internet access; only 10 percent of them have a credit card. We have raised $4,003 in a month, which represents 20 people whose life has changed,” she said. “In average our cause’s goals are around $200 or less. It is a small amount of money but it truly represents a big change for the ones who are getting it.”

The nonprofit is working hard to raise attention to the plight of Latin America’s poor. They’ve spent about $120 a month so far on servers and Facebook ads but they want to expand and grow to help more folks. They’re getting 800 visits daily and are focusing on the Dominican Republic for their initial launch.

It’s rare to find a group so small and so earnest, but with a true mission to help people. Jompeame is starting small, but it will be interesting to see where they go.

“Our focus are small contributions but a big impact. We are talking about giving education, food, provisional shelter, water, medicines, shoes and even school supplies,” said Motyka.