Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson Will Join Us At Disrupt London

We’re only a few days away from Disrupt London. For the first time at any Disrupt, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson will join us to talk about what it’s like building a developer-centric communications startup that now has a valuation over a billion dollars.

Before founding Twilio, Lawson was at Amazon, where he was one of the first product managers in the AWS team. He was also the founding CTO of StubHub; founder and CTO of NineStar; and the founder, CTO and CEO of storage startup Versity. None of these, however, flourished quite like Twilio.

Today, when you get an SMS from Uber, or you call Hulu to discuss issues with your paid streaming plans, you are using Twilio without even knowing it because Uber uses the service to power its text messaging notifications and Hulu uses it to power its call center. Or maybe you called Justin Bieber’s Hotline Bling number (no need to admit it in the comments)? Also powered by Twilio.

During our conversation at Disrupt London, we’ll talk about what it takes to build a billion-dollar company that is so focused on developers, how to manage rapid growth at a startup, and what Twilio wants to become when it grows up.

Other speakers at Disrupt London include BlaBlaCar’s Nicolas Brusson, Eileen Burbidge, Thierry Henry, AOL’s Tim Armstrong, Klaus Hommels, Postmates’ Bastian Lehmann and more. Find out more in the agenda.

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