GoPro Further Muddles Its Product Line With Hero4 Session Price Drop

GoPro now sells four different cameras for $299 or less. This comes as the firm drops the price on the new Hero4 Session to $199 — the price it should have sold for originally.

The drop puts the Hero4 Session more in line with its capabilities. While I declared it the best GoPro yet after its release, the video quality is not as good as the Hero 4 Black or Silver, the cameras the Hero4 Session tried to sell against when it was released with a $399 MSRP. The Session, though, with its tiny body, does not capture video as well as the high-end GoPro cameras.

Once upon a time, GoPro was a single camera. Now it’s a camera line with five cameras that sell for $499 or less. That’s a lot of SKUs, and lots of SKUs tend to lead to consumer confusion. GoPro’s stock is on a steady downward decline and it needs to do something to level itself out before it’s too late.

Investors are worried the company doesn’t have enough tantalizing products in its pipeline and it cannot maintain its sales growth. That’s what happens when a company sells a product that can survive a fall from the edge of space — they don’t break and consumers do not have a reason to buy a new one.