A New Service Called CoinCube Can Help Manage Your BTC

In the future, all currencies will be crypto. And you’ll need someone to manage all that crypto cash. That’s what CoinCube is trying to do: a way to manage cryptocurrency investments intelligently.

Created by Robert Allen, Eric Kittell, Jibben Nee and Giovanni Meacci, the system is still in its relative infancy. They have about a 100 users with $430,000 in assets under management, a fairly solid growth. The goal is to offer an automatic transfer system that will take advantage of currency fluctuations to help grow an initial investment.

“Coincube is a Bitcoin-focused robo-advising service,” said Allen. This means the system watches the markets and sees when and where the Bitcoin market is not in sync. The system then makes recommendations about where to move cash and when.

“During my time working in finance, I saw firsthand the inefficiencies, double-standards, and corruption in the industry. This broken system is perpetuating the growing economic divide,” he said. “In 2013, I started to follow Bitcoin more closely and began to look for opportunities in the space. I saw a need for wealth management services for the Bitcoin community and that was the beginning of this journey.”

Allen invested in precious metals and saw cryptocurrency as the next step in that vision. They have raised $20,000 in a friends and family round and hope to grow the company by making nice returns for folks who love themselves some bitcoin.