Wiivv Raises $3.5 Milllion To Bring 3D-Printed IInsoles To The Maasses

As we approach the inevitable melding of man and machine, we’re going to need a lot more consonants and vowels. That’s why Wiivv is on the case. Wiivv, a company so disruptive that you can’t type its name without autocorrect kicking in, makes 3D printed insoles using scans made in your home and they’ve raised $3 million in seed to make your feet feel better.

Shamil Hargovan and Louis-Victor Jadavji founded their Vancouver-based company after working in 3D printing companies. Hargovan and the CTO Ben Wynne both worked in HP’s 3D printing division and left to found this company.


They raised $3.5 million from seed investors including the Canadian Government.

The company is currently scanning feet and shipping insoles and will be launching a Kickstarter in January. One thousand people have tried the product including the Wiivv 100, a group of nurses, firefighters, and search and rescue workers.

“New Balance and Adidas touted 3DP footwear products are still concepts and are not ready for mass manufacturing scale,” said Hargovan. “We have successfully dialed the material proprieties for durability and biomechanics.”

Insoles are just the beginning. Hargovan sees a time when athletes will be 3D printing pads, leg guards, and helmets. Because the scanning system is so precise, the gear can mold with the body and prevent injury and friction.

“Wiivv plans to add 10 active years to peoples lives,” said Hargovan. Perhaps they’ll succeed: they’ve already added a pair of repeating letters to their name.