Skriware Wants To Make An Easy-To-Use 3D Printer For All

First I encourage you to watch the video below. By mixing a vague misunderstanding of the English language with a guy who sounds like the guy who voices trailers for action films, you’ve created one of the finest examples of the Kickstarter video oeuvre I’ve seen in a while. But let’s not pick nits. Skriware is a Polish 3D printer created by a team of designers and engineers who want to improve the way we 3D print. While you would argue that what the world needs now is another 3D printer like I need a hole in the head, the Skriware wants to make both the software and the hardware more usable.

The goal is to offer a one-touch system for transmitting prints from an online marketplace to a printer which then prints without much actual human interaction. This has been done to a degree in other home printers but not on a model that costs $799.

The team was able to reduce the price by lowering the complexity of the print head and by using printing materials that require less heat than other systems. Their MO is to focus primarily on ease of use, a welcome change to the 3D printing market.

“Our goal in designing the Skriware printer was to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. That’s why we brought to life a device that can be used by anyone – from a school kid hooked on the newest game figurines to a grandma who wants to surprise her grandchildren with their favorite superhero-shaped cookies!” they write.

The printer will ship next April and looks to be a solid, European-made device with some smarts built in. While I disagree it needs such an effusive voiceover artist I do agree the 3D printing space is ripe for change.