Atlassian Now Helps Developers Deploy Code From Bitbucket Directly To AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean

Atlassian isn’t just preparing to IPO, it’s also launching an update to its Git-based Bitbucket service today that will make it easier for developers to ship their code to some of the most popular cloud services.

“With today’s launch, developers will be able to deploy to Amazon, Microsoft, and DigitalOcean directly from inside Bitbucket through the UI,” Atlassian product marketing manager Amber Frauenholtz tells me. “They no longer have run scripts outside of Bitbucket to deploy, which will save them time and help to increase productivity.”

This functionality is powered by Bitbucket Connect, which also allows third-party developers to write add-ons for Bitbucket that run right in the service’s user interface.

“This new Atlassian Connect integration enables development teams to seamlessly deploy to Azure App Service directly from their Bitbucket repo,” Microsoft corporate VP for the Azure Application Platform Bill Staples said in a statement about the release today. “Deployment to Azure App Service is an easy step for teams relying on Bitbucket for continuous integration. We are looking forward to continuing the partnership with Atlassian.”

With this update, Atlassian is also launching an integration with Bamboo, its continues integration and delivery service. Developers can now see the state of their builds in Bamboo right in the Bitbucket interface. Right now, this works for Bamboo Cloud, with support for Bamboo Server coming later.

Atlassian is also launching a similar integration for Wercker, a third-party continuous integration service.