Revols Announces In-Ear Headphones That Mold To The Contours Of Your Disgusting Body

As if it weren’t bad enough that all of us contain a skeleton, Revols reminds us that we also have ears. This Montreal-based custom headphone company has created a very unique custom earbud system that allows you to create soft, sound-isolated headphones in a minute using a mobile app. Plus they’ve teamed with Onkyo to offer some of the most interesting industrial design I’ve seen in years. But that doesn’t change the fact that we all have skin.

Revols are basically $200 earbuds done right. The system comes with two soft, mushy earbuds that you place into your ears. Once you’ve fitted them properly you press a button on your phone and the buds harden in a minute, a process that the company has patented. The result is a pair custom-molded wireless earbuds buds that should keep out ambient noise and last about 14 hours on a charge.

The team showed me their product and even how it worked – it uses magic, mostly. The best thing is they are offering a removable, replaceable battery that snaps to the back of the kit. They also offer a sort of ambient sound sensor that lets you hear the things around you while you’re walking or running in the city. In all, it’s an impressive bit of technology.

The headphones cost $200 for early birds and will ship in July. The technology works and the drivers are supplied by Onkyo so the sound quality should be fine. The team is also offering “sports skins” to attach to the earbuds which protect them from water and sweat. In all it’s a fascinating bit of technology that could spell the end of poorly-fitting earbuds. Add that to the sensation of earbuds tightly stuffed into your cavity endlessly reminding us that we are bags of meat and nothing more and you’ve got a winner.