Food Delivery Startup Good Eggs Has A New CEO

Good Eggs, an online service that allows you to order food from local farms, has brought on a new CEO — Bentley Hall, who previously held senior roles at Plum Organics, Clif Bar and Johnson & Johnson.

The company’s existing CEO Rob Spiro (pictured above with Hall) will become chairman. He said he’ll remain “very active” in the company, and suggested that Hall is “really coming on as a partner to me and to Alon [Salant], my co-founder.”

The headlines about Good Eggs haven’t been great this year, with multiple rounds of layoffs, and the shutdown of operations outside of San Francisco. However, Spiro said the company continues to do well in its home base of SF, with sales growing every week and recently crossing $100,000 in a single day for the first time.  He also said it’s been adding improvements like next-day delivery, recipe content and a new iOS app.

So Spiro argued that bringing on a new CEO is “helping Good Eggs scale” and “doubling down” on what’s working.

Hall added that his experience in organic food will inform his approach to Good Eggs, because that experience helped him understand the need to go beyond “marketing fluff,” to connect to farmers, to create a strong company culture — and yes, to achieve scale.

“Scale matters, because without scale, it’s difficult to really change the food system,” he said.

One thing that would probably help the company grow? Moving beyond SF (again). Spiro said Good Eggs is looking to at geographic expansion in 2016, thanks to “significant improvements” in its model.

“We’re solving a really hard problem,” he said. “We’re not just building one magic bullet app, we’re building an entirely new supply chain. …  It’s a full stack. We’ve been making improvements at every level, and we will continue to make improvements at every level.”

Good Eggs investors include Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures