Pill + Lets You Share Sound Quality You Expect From Beats Headphones With Friends

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In time for your Cyber Monday shopping, Beats has released its first portable speaker since Apple acquired the company — the Pill + wireless bluetooth speaker.

Right down to the packaging, Apple’s influence on the product’s sophisticated design shines through. Opening the Pill + is a lot like unwrapping an Apple laptop or phone. Rather than the flashy colors we’ve come to expect from the Beats line, the Pill + only comes in white and black.

Even the buttons on the speaker remind me of an iPhone. There are just four — a home button, a power button and two volume buttons.

But in addition to the sophisticated design we’ve come to expect from Apple, the Pill + brings the sound quality I know and love from Beats. I wear my white Beats headphones whenever I’m working, but until now, I’ve been disappointed by the company’s speaker offerings. The Pill + allows you to share the sound quality you get over your ears with the whole party.

Over the week I spent with the Pill +, I had the opportunity to test everything from cry-worthy Adele tracks to up-beat Christmas carols. The quality seemed great whether it was hip hop or alternative rock, but there was a noticeable improvement when I switched from my Spotify account to Apple Music.

Operating the Pill + from your phone is very seamless. You simply connect through the Beats Pill + app via Bluetooth. The app sports a DJ feature that makes it easy for friends to also play songs.

My only complaint with the Pill + as a portable speaker is that it’s a bit heavier than some other models I’ve tried. At 1.5 pounds, it’s not something I would want to carry with me all day. However for its size, it’s sound is powerful.

If you’re looking for a great gadget for your holiday wish list, the Pill + could be for you. It retails for $220.