Google Snags Former Tesla Autopilot Engineering Manager Robert Rose

338b1edThe battle to make elite autonomous vehicles is on, and a major part of that is assembling teams that will carry out your plans.

Today, it was reported that Google snagged Tesla’s former Autopilot software engineering manager, Robert Rose. Rose also spent five years at SpaceX, according to his LinkedIn profile.

We’re hearing he’s not going to be working on the cars themselves, but software at Google tends to make the rounds.┬áRose’s gig for “Google Robots” is listed as “Engineering Manager,” the same title that he held at Tesla for six months. There, Rose says he “led Autopilot & UI teams through Release 7.0 Model S update.”

Check out our test of autopilot here.

We’ve reached out to Google for a statement and will update once we hear back.