Apple Music Is Coming To Sonos On December 15

Sonos users, rejoice! The speaker company just announced that an update adding Apple Music is coming on December 15 in beta. All the flagship Apple Music features will be available directly from the Sonos app.

As a reminder, Apple first hinted at Sonos support back in June. It took a few months, but Apple Music is coming for no extra charge for Sonos and Apple Music users.

Sonos is a particular company in the speaker industry. Instead of relying on Bluetooth, AirPlay, Chromecast Audio and other protocols, the company is building everything in house. Once your Sonos speakers are connected to your Wi-Fi network, you control them using the Sonos app on your phone or computer.

Sonos first started with your MP3 collection. But it now connects to a wide range of music streaming services. With Spotify for instance, you log in using your Spotify account in the Sonos app, and you can then find all your playlists in the Sonos app.

There are a few key advantages with this model. First, you can control all your favorite music services in one app. Second, it is the same experience if you’re playing a SoundCloud playlist or an Apple Music playlist.

But it makes it more complicated for music services as they have to provide APIs, make songs streamable for Sonos and comply with Sonos’ rules in general. But Sonos is arguably the most popular multi-room speaker system, and Sonos support is important for Apple Music.

After releasing Apple Music on Android, Sonos support turns Apple Music into a serious Spotify contender. It was one of the last missing essential features.

If you have a family account, you’ll be able to use up to six different Apple Music profiles on your Sonos speakers. In particular, each user gets a tailored recommendation in the For You section.

Other features, such as Beats 1 and the New tab will be available in the Sonos app — it’s a thorough integration. Now we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before testing the user interface as it must have been a challenge to pack all these features in the Sonos app.

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