Get Builds Mobile Apps And Handles Deliveries For Local Shops

Meet Get, a new French startup that wants to be the Shopify for small retailers on mobile among many other things. With Get, local shops like your favorite bakery can effortlessly have an app for iOS and Android. Get also provides a same-hour delivery service like Stuart.

Founded by Adrien Touati and Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely, Get is trying to do a bit of everything as long as it’s around mobile e-commerce and small shops. There are three key components behind Get.

First, Get lets you build a white-label app in less than an hour for free. In particular, Get handles the ordering and payment parts. And this is key to understanding the startup’s strategy. Get doesn’t rely on a traditional software-as-a-service approach. You don’t have to invest tens of thousands of euros to work with an agency to build an app. Instead, Get gives you an app for free and then takes a cut on every transaction.

Second, Get is building a same-hour delivery service focused on this kind of deliveries. The company is building this service in house as it is currently recruiting runners and a runner manager on its website. Clients like Fauchon, Lavina and L’atelier de L’Éclair can work with Get to deliver anyone in Paris in less than an hour.

Third, Get is also building its own app to deliver fresh products to your doorstep by leveraging its delivery service.

You can expect to get flowers, bread, a Christmas tree, breakfast and more. It seems like Get is avoiding restaurant deliveries on purpose as this market is getting crowded.

With this three-headed strategy, Get has many bullets in the delivery wars. The white-label approach combined with the delivery service could convince many shop owners who didn’t have the time or the money to look at e-commerce option. Think about clothing, sporting goods, bakeries, butchers and more.

Get first convinces these potential clients to work with the company thanks to the free app-building tools. It can then take a significant cut of the profit with value-added services like same-hour deliveries — it’s a smart move.

The main challenge is on the consumer side. The startup needs to figure out whether people want to install a dozen different apps for each of their favorite local shops.