Facebook Launches New Fundraising Tool For Non-Profits

Facebook has launched a new fundraising tool to help non-profit organizations raise money, and has also improved the Donate button to help them reach new supporters. The fundraising tool, which functions as its own page, offers non-profits a way to tell their story, pump up supporters and collect donations.

While Facebook has offered a donate option since December 2013, it has revamped the button and made it available on posts, in addition to on pages. The goal is to drive more spontaneous, unplanned giving to these non-profit organizations, Facebook VP of Product Management Naomi Gleit told me. Facebook also makes it easier to donate, without needing to leave the site.

Facebook is currently running the beta with 37 organizations, including Mercy Corps, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and World Wildlife Fund. Sometime next year, Facebook will make the tools available to other U.S.-based 501c3 non-profit organizations. Down the road, Facebook could potentially offer this tool to for-profit companies and organizations to compete with Kickstarter.

Other Facebook social good products include safety checks, which was recently deployed after the attacks in Paris, and amber alerts.

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