Where Are They Now? Disrupt London Hackathon Winner Seeusoon

With Disrupt London 2015 only a month away, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at the companies that emerged from last year’s Hackathon to see what they’ve been up to in the last year or so since the show. As you might recall, the travel app for long distance couples, Seeusoon, was the second runner up at last year’s Hackathon, and the company has had a pretty interesting year.

A few months after the show, the team who built Seeusoon at the Hackthon quit their day jobs to work full-time on their product. To start, they joined the Lisbon Challenge, an international, three-month accelerator for tech startups in Lisbon, Portugal. From there, they joined the Startupbootcamp in Berlin, where the company is now based.

While they initially started as a service that monitors flights and helps long-distance couples vacation together in the same city, they’ve since pivoted to make their product even more useful for everyone. Recognizing the rise in prominence of home-sharing rental sites, Seeusoon now integrates with Airbnb so travelers can book their Airbnb travel and their flights in the same place.

Of course, they’ve never lost sight of their initial goal, and aim to be the place long-distance couples and groups go for all their travel needs. When users first land on the Seeusoon site, they’re asked to select a departure city and the number of travelers in that city. Users can add departure cities so they can arrange travel for friends and loved ones in different locations.

Seeusoon is a pretty slick tool that should make it easier for people separated by long distance to easily find places to travel together. And, it’s one of the first travel sites to adopt Airbnb, so could be good for someone looking to book their travel and home-share locations with the same tool.

The company definitely wouldn’t be where they are without the Hackathon. Seeusoon co-founder Pierre Becerril told TechCrunch that “without [the Hackathon], we would probably still be sitting behind our old office desks by now.” And the company’s current CTO is one of the best friends of one of the company’s original Hackathon members.

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