Dungeons & Dragons Comes To Virtual Reality Thanks To AltspaceVR

If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons fan, and happen to have some virtual reality gear on you, drop what you’re doing. Social VR company AltspaceVR has shipped an immersive version of your beloved tabletop role playing game.

AltspaceVR teamed up with D&D publishers Wizards of the Coast for the experience.

The companies say that this fills the void for D&D players who have moved around the world and don’t have their buddies to play with anymore in person. This is just one of the promises of virtual reality in general, so it makes total sense.

Multiple players and viewers can hang out in a “room” and chat, gesture and see reactions of the other players.

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Here’s what brand director for Dungeons & Dragons, Nathan Stewart, had to say about the release:

AltspaceVR bridges the gap between Dungeons & Dragons video games and physically sitting around a table with friends. You get the same sense of excitement and drama in the AltspaceVR tavern, from laughing at your buddy’s funny goblin voice to watching the d20 bounce and finally land on the natural 20 you needed to hit the beholder terrorizing your party.

The realness includes familiar character sheets, figurines and terrain tiles so you can build your own maps and adventures.

AltSpaceVR recently raised over $10M and is based in Redwood City.