Cleanify Raises $1.8M To Connect Customers With Independent Cleaning Services

Cleaning startup Cleanify has raised $1.8 million in seed funding. That might not seem like much money when compared to the $50 million round that Handy just raised, or the nearly $40 million that Homejoy raised before shutting down. However, the Cleanify model is a bit different.

Instead of offering its own on-demand cleaning services, Cleanify aggregates the listings of existing cleaners. When we wrote about the startup in January, we described it as Expedia for the cleaning industry — consumers get to browse ratings and compare prices, while cleaners get to reach new customers and also use new tools for managing their relationship with existing clients.

Founded in Vancouver, Cleanify says it’s now available in 10 markets in the United States and Canada, and is already seeing $1 million in gross monthly revenue. It recently acquired the Canadian operations of Berlin-based Helping.

The seed funding comes from 500 Startups, Kapor Capital, Great Oaks and others. In the funding release, the company says it’s building an “operating system” where local service providers can connect with customers, with real-time data on pricing and availability.

“We see Cleanify as a market network for the service world,” said CEO Justin Potter (pictured above with his co-founders Amanda Potter and Luis Sanchez). “We want to work with every service available, from independent businesses, SMBs, franchises, to other on-demand cleaning services, giving consumers a one-stop shop to find and manage the best cleaner for their needs.”