Brilliant Bicycle Introduces Kids Bikes

Brilliant Bicycle, the direct-to-consumer bike brand, has today announced kids’ bikes just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Brilliant makes bikes in two full-size models, with a simple online purchasing process. With a limited selection, Brilliant only needs a few tidbits of information to determine which bike you should get. Plus, Brilliant Bicycles start at $299 thanks to the ecommerce play.

“We know gifting bikes to kids is really common during Christmas,” said founder and CEO Adam Kalamchi. “We’ve seen so much pair buying between couples that kids bikes makes a lot of sense.”

The kids bikes will come in two models, the Pickery pedal bike and the Biddle balance bike.

The Pickery is aimed at children between four and seven years old, and is essentially a smaller version of the full-size Brilliant bikes. It goes for $189 and comes in two colors schemes: red and white or frosted mint and salmon.

The Biddle balance bike opts to axe the pedals and is meant for children ages two to four. The idea here is that training wheels don’t give young children the skills they need to balance on a bike. By letting kids propel themselves with their feet, they learn balance early on and simply need to integrate pedaling when ready for a proper bike.


The little guy comes in pink, blue, and frosted mint, and is priced at $149.

As with the full-size Mayfair and Astor models, the children’s bikes require some assembly, but the site offers clear instructions on how to put the bike together painlessly.

Brilliant is also launching a gift box for folks who want to give full-size bikes to their loved ones. As soon as the gifter chooses a bike model, Brilliant will send the recipient a box containing the following:

  • six paint tubes showing color schemes
  • measuring tape to determine bike size (via inseam)
  • handle grip and chrome tubing to get a feel for the handlebars
  • gift card to redeem the bike

The Gift Box costs $15 to give, plus whatever amount you add to the gift card towards one of the bikes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.22.21 PM

Kalamchi explained that the biking industry is in flux, with bike share programs growing 3x in the past five years, with twice as many people living in bike-friendly cities.

By selling direct to consumer, Brilliant hopes to grab a chunk of this growing market.

You can check out the Brilliant website here.