These Guys Actually Built That Terrifying Flame Sword From Fallout


It’s something of a rule: if a cool thing exists in a video game or movie, someone will (try to) make it real.

Bioshock’s Big Daddy. Wolverine’s Claws. Thor’s Hammer. (Self plug: The Doctor’s TARDIS)

And now: the Shishkebab, the insane, fire-engulfed sword from Fallout.

Built by Caleb Kraft of Make with the help of artist Platinumfungi, this real life version is about as close to its digital original as possible.

I mean, look at this (top is the real life build; bottom is the concept art from the game):

They start with a katana, then strap on everything from a butane canister to a brake lever stripped off an old motorcycle. And before you think about going and doing this yourself, a heads up: the fact that Caleb also built a Ukelele-sized version of the Mad Max flame guitar helped a lot in the whole “not-blowing-himself-up” department.

The demo video is embedded above, but Caleb also has a day-by-day build diary over at Make – if, like me, you think the process is half the fun, I’d recommend it.

Will it help you survive the nuclear apocalypse? Maybe not. But when the raiders come for your caps, at least you’ll look like a bad ass.