Eyefi Acquires OkDoThis To Creatively Challenge And Inspire Photographers

Eyefi, the makers of cloud-connected mobile SD cards for photographers, has today announced the acquisition of OkDoThis. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

OkDoThis is an app that launched back in the summer of 2014 that was meant to inspire photographers to take creative pictures through challenges. The challenges on the platform are posted by the community, and could sound something like “look up” or “fill the frame with a circle.”

With the acquisition, the OkDoThis app will live on as it currently does, letting users select a “Do” challenge, take the shot, and post it to the challenge. Alternatively, however, users with a Wi-Fi camera connected to the Eyefi Cloud or an Eyefi Mobi Wi-Fi SD card can select challenges before they head out to shoot and submit their best shots on the go through integration with OkDoThis.

This acquisition is interesting in that Eyefi has always been focused on solving the technical challenges faced by photographers, such as photo transfer, organization, etc.

On the other hand, OkDoThis (founded by world-renowned photographer Jeremy Cowart) is meant to get everyday (and pro) photographers out of the usual “plane window” and “pumpkin spice latte” rut to take truly inspiring and imaginative photos.

Eyefi has raised a total of $36.5 million across four rounds.

You can learn more about Eyefi here and more about OkDoThis here.