Real Estate App Oliver Adds Live Video Walkthroughs Of Your Next Hovel

When we first met Oliver, the app was just entering its first phase of development. It basically allowed apartment owners and house hunters to come together in a marriage born of carnal desire and a nice two bedroom in an area with good schools. Now the company has added something quite clever: Periscope-based visits to apartments you might want to rent.

The latest version of the app includes a button that lets you request a walkthrough for $4.99. When you press it, a runner will get a message, set up a time, and then show you the apartment from stem to stern. You can ask to see specific areas, focus on one or two rooms, or just sit back and watch as they move from room to room.

“We basically have a runner that goes to the apartment and shows it via Periscope to the user,” said founder Yossi Shemesh. “The user can then ask questions and get a direct response from the runner, or tell the runner to do stuff such as ‘check the bathroom’ or ‘show me the view.'”

“We experimented with it and found out that users have a need to see apartments remotely, from the comfort of their office or home – saving them hustle, money and time.”

It’s a fascinating use of new technology and it definitely changes the equation, letting you see a place before you end up walking into a literal hellhole full of empty, burnt cribs, sick-room supplies, and floors that slant into the basement.

While there are obviously plenty of video walkthrough solutions out there, this one is unique in that it gives you a personalized experience without having to build a drone to secretly film the apartment’s inhabitants while they sleep. It is, as they say, a win-win.

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