Sir Alex Ferguson And Sequoia’s Mike Moritz To Speak At Disrupt London

The speakers for our TechCrunch Disrupt London conference on December 7-8, 2015 are many and varied. However, perhaps only two can boast living legend status at this point. This will be the first time

Mozilla’s Firefox Browser App For iOS Is Finally Available To All

Mozilla has been testing an iOS version of its popular web browser since September, and now Firefox for iOS is available publicly to anyone in possession of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Mozilla soft

Hackbright Academy Names Sharon Wienbar As CEO

Hackbright Academy, the 12-week computer science program that trains women to become software engineers, has a new chief executive officer. Effective today, ScaleVP partner Sharon Wienbar is taking ov

New Android Wear Smartwatches Can Go Online Without Needing Your Smartphone

Google is finally adding cellular connectivity to Android Wear, its operating software for smartwatches and wearables, in a move that could reduce a user's dependence on their phone. Android Wear a

Reddit Replaces Its Confusing Shadowban System With Account Suspensions

Reddit has replaced shadowbans, which made posts from users who broke the site’s rules invisible, with account suspensions. The community, which had 202 million unique visitors last month, implement

EventBoard, A Smart Conference Room Booking Startup, Raises $6.5M

Eventboard, a company that provides software to make conference rooms more efficient, may be based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but that doesn't mean it hasn't found its way into the guts of Silicon Valle

Your Firm Is Missing Out On The Biggest Investment In History

Looking for an untapped market for a great new investment? Try 50.4 percent of the population. Today, women are the largest emerging investible class across the globe. Only 2.7 percent of venture capi

On The Dark Matter Of The Publishing Industry

Metaphors about textual dark matter or a "Shadow" ebook industry actually fail to capture the dramatic nature of what is happening. Perhaps it would be better to say that a new, parallel universe of p

Facebook Sees 23% Spike In Law Enforcement Requests For Data In The United States

Facebook revealed it received 23 percent more requests from law enforcement between January and June 2015 than in the second half of 2014. From January to June 2015, Facebook received a total of 17

AngelPad Shows Off 13 New Startups At SF Demo Day

Today, AngelPad — a five-year-old seed-stage incubator that twice a year chooses roughly a dozen startups to coach over a three-month period — held its ninth “demo day” in S

Apple’s Encryption Fight Turns To The UK

After a major victory in the United States, Apple is facing an another threat to its encryption efforts on a different front: the United Kingdom. Though the Cupertino-based tech giant typically shi

VR Live Streaming Platform NextVR Raises $30.5M Series A

NextVR, a startup that promises to give consumers rich VR experiences for live events has raised a $30.5 million Series A led by Formation 8 the WSJ reports. Notably the raise was also participated

Airbnb Pledges Transparency, Education To Fight Commercial Hosting, But Provides Little Detail

In response to calls for stronger action on hosts that aren’t casual users, Airbnb said it would start sharing some data with governments and getting hosts to agree to a policy of listing only

120 Million People Spend 3 Hours A Week On Imgur. You’ll Get Addicted Too

Imgur is the most popular startup no one talks about. The image sharing and upvoting site has a stunning 150 million monthly users that view 60 billion memes, Cat GIFS, sob stories, and science expla

Pypestream Offers Consumers A New Way To Chat With Businesses

A few weeks ago I wrote about Pypestream, a startup promising to be an alternative to the often frustrating customer service experience. At the time, founder and CEO Richard Smullen was being a little

In-N-Out Files Lawsuit Against Food Delivery Startup DoorDash

Fast food restaurant In-N-Out, known for its delicious burgers and secret sauce, is suing food delivery startup DoorDash, TMZ reported earlier today. In-N-Out, which filed the lawsuit on Nov. 6, 2015

Apple May Launch Venmo Competitor

Apple is in talks with banks to launch a mobile payments service, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The product would compete with Venmo, the mobile peer-to-peer service from PayPal.

No UI Is The New UI

A few months ago, I shared with my friends how I think apps like Magic and Operator are going to be the next big thing. What makes them special is that they don’t use a traditional UI as a means of

You Can Now Test Firefox OS On Android Without Hacking Your Phone

So, let's say you want to give Firefox OS — the mobile OS made by the same people who make the browser — a try. Until now, that's meant either buying one of a small handful of early Firefox OS

Theranos Disputes WSJ’s Accuracy In Report Claiming Secret $350 Million Safeway Deal

Safeway grocery stores dropped a $350 million deal with Theranos, according to the Wall Street Journal. Theranos put out a statement today disputing the Journal's report but failed once again to dispe
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