The $100 Samsung Gear VR Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

The second generation of the Samsung Gear will only cost $100 and can now be pre-ordered from Best Buy. This is the device that could make or break virtual reality.

Like the previous version, with the Gear VR, virtual reality is served up by a Galaxy phone that’s strapped to the front of the unit. Because of this configuration, there are no wires, but the virtual reality is limited compared to that of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. With the Gear VR, users can watch Netflix, take a trip with Google Street View, and browse the growing collection of VR games.

The Gear VR is equipped with a full array of sensors including accelerators and proximity sensors that enhance the experience. It’s casual VR and that’s great.

A full virtual reality rig from Oculus serves up superior VR effects with better graphics and more natural movements. Plus physical controls that work in the 3D space. But those units are limited with wires connected to a PC and costs much more. The Gear VR, with its $100 price tag, could be a tasty appetizers while Oculus finishes cooking.