This Little Dock Reinvents GoPro Mounts

The beauty of GoPro cameras come from their versatility. They can be mounted nearly anywhere in countless positions. But that often takes time. This little device solves that problem.

Meet Slopes. The concept is simple: Drop a GoPro camera in the mount and position it as needed. There are 20 different ways to point the camera. Best of all, there’s no fuss or mess. Traditionally, GoPro cameras are held in place using a series of arms and screws, which can take minutes to position properly.

Of course the Slopes isn’t for every situation. And it doesn’t work with GoPro’s housings, which are often used to keep the GoPro camera safe and dry. That said, for what it does, the Slopes seems well suited.

This Indiegogo project and countless others show the power of the GoPro brand. While other cameras offer similar features and quality, there isn’t another action camera on the market with the same depth of accessories.

The creator is seeking $10,000 on Indiegogo. According to the project page, the team is already working with manufacturers and aim to ship the first batch yet this month. Of course there is always a roll of the dice with backing crowdfunding projects, so re-order at your own risk.