Our Pick Of 21 Interesting Startups From Web Summit

As Web Summit in Dublin wraps up another gang-busting year of packing out the pubs and bars, and bringing the traffic to a halt (some 30,000 people attended this year), TechCrunch took a turn around some of the stages to hunt down any interesting startups we could find. It’s a little tough to take in the hundreds of startups that exhibit very day, but we thought we might have a little crack at picking a few out. So here’s your super-fast rundown, with how each startup describes itself.

“Gigabot, re:3D’s flagship technology, enables industrial strength, large format 3D printing at an affordable price point.”

Holotech Studios / FaceRig
“FaceRig is a software that allows anyone to embody outstanding real time CG character portraits via motion capture from a webcam stream.”

Unu Motors
“unu is a smart electric scooter for you and your city. You don’t need a charging station or garage to recharge your unu. You can take the innovative battery out of your unu and charge it at any regular power outlet.”

“Scooterson is worlds first cloud-connected electric kickscooter. Using bigdata and algorithms, it simply understands how you ride.”

“The GarbShare app manages the clothes you own and loan, helps you understand what you wear and make better decisions about what you buy.”

Livestock Wealth
“We are a new African currency whose value is based on cows held by the owner (like Bitcoin), but way simpler; unlocking $1 trillion in value.”

“Welcome aboard Radiooooo.com: pick a country and a decade from 1900 until now and embark on a unique musical trip in our space-time machine!”

“Locadot keeps you safe in the real-world. By keeping you connected to trusted friends, it gives you the power to be safe while on the go.”

“OptIn is a career platform built for women transitioning back into the workforce.”

“Like a personal stylist, for your tastebuds. At Mucho, everyone gets their own store; the best recipes and shopping list, curated for you.”

“What if you could access healthcare from any location, and able to provide medical care to low resource communities globally?”

“VoteCircle fights voter apathy and election waste by empowering modern voters and candidates with insights, social polling, and analytics.”

The Digital Bra
“We’re truly revolutionising bras using APP technology to scan your body & create The Perfect Fit Bra that is both a beautiful and healthy.”

“eparxis is developing a system for remote monitoring of beehives which exploits data and sound analytics to reduce beekeeping costs.”

“If you’ve ever tried to google your symptoms, you know it’s not for the faint hearted. Your.MD wants to change that.”

“Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps developers optimize their workflows and save time, to ship better software faster.”

“Whistle is the first technology company dedicated to helping pets live happy and healthy lives with beautifully designed products.”

“Thuzio 360 is a software that helps brands locate, analyze and connect with influencers who can authentically speak to the brand’s pillars.”

“COBI stands for “Connected Biking” and is the first integrated system to intelligently connect your smartphone with your bike.”

“Crowdit is the nightlife app that offers a new mobile marketing channel, giving users real-time intelligence about what’s on in their area.”

“‘HINT’s are little helper devices for your home or workplace. They remind you when it’s time to do important tasks. It’s aimed at elderly people who live independently but need reminders.”

The Summit itself will roll on to Lisbon next year where it is fast resembling a sort of “Mobile World Congress For Startups” where you will wear out plenty of shoe leather wandering between the stages and exhibition halls. See you there next year…