New Relic Acquires Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Service Opsmatic

The application monitoring service New Relic today announced better-than-expected quarterly earnings, but in addition, it also today disclosed that it has acquired the cloud infrastructure monitoring company Opsmatic.

New Relic mostly focuses on giving insight into how well their applications are performing on their servers. Opsmatic takes a similar approach, but its focus is more on the infrastructure level. Using the service, developers and IT teams can get a real-time view of how their infrastructure is configured and performing.

In many ways, this acquisition will help New Relic quickly enter the fast-growing infrastructure monitoring market.


“With this acquisition, New Relic gains Opsmatic’s powerful technology that monitors configuration changes at the infrastructure level,” said New Relic CEO and founder Lew Cirne in today’s announcement.

“This is important, because we believe today’s successful software teams need real-time visibility into every component of their apps — from the infrastructure all the way up to the user experience.”

Opsmatic was co-founded by Jim Stoneham, Mikhail Panchenko, and former Digg CEO Jay Adelson in 2013 (Adelson stepped back from his role with the company in 2014 to focus on his venture capital firm). According to CrunchBase, Opsmatic raised a $3 million seed round from a wide variety of investors in 2013. The company hasn’t raised any additional funds since.

With today’s announcement, Opsmatic is also launching the private beta of its service.