Monica + Andy Launch A Same-Day Baby Box To Celebrate The Miracle Of Life

There are few things more joyous than the birth of a new baby. Buying snow tires comes to mind as does the process of removing that little piece of dried E-Z Cheese from the spray can when you’re ready to make a delicious midnight snack, but few other things even come close to the welcoming of new life into the world. Monica Royer and Andy Dunn of Monica + Andy want to help you celebrate.

Royer and Dunn are siblings and Dunn owns Bonobos, a clothing brand dedicated to customer service. They’ve teamed up to create a baby clothing brand as well as a new service that delivers a “Cuddle Box” when you deliver.

The company raised $2.8 million and launched in 2013. The new service, which is available in New York, lets you send a box as soon as you know that the wee bairn has pinked up.

“We started off as a brand selling to moms and we have grown that business and love our mom customers. We have an interactive guideshop in Lincoln Park with art, music and many other classes,” said Royer. “This We Deliver idea also came to me as I was in the hospital with my daughter. I received so many beautiful flower arrangements. But whats a new mom to do with all those but leave them at the hospital as you are daunted by the task of bringing your newborn home safely. Now what I did need were super soft blankets and organic clothing instead of the clothing the hospital issued.”

Because the team is so nimble these boxes can be dispatched as soon as little Ayden comes out. Compare this to other services like Amazon and you’ll see the value in being able to get a box of clothes to the new parents rather than weeks later. The boxes start at $51 for a blanket and hat and come in multiple sizes and permutations.

The joy of childbirth is often compared to buying the last round plastic jug of Red Vines from Target or, more precisely, finding a good parking space closer to the mall entrance. However, with Monica + Andy, new parents can now feel as happy as, say, someone who was able to find a huge, unbroken potato chip near the bottom of a nearly empty bag.