TechCrunch Tallinn, Meetup And Pitch-Off, November 18

TechCrunch Disrupt London, our stupendous European conference, is coming to London, December 5-8.

In the lead-up to this we’re holding a Meetup and Pitch-off in Tallinn, Estonia, on November 18 and we want you there! Sign up for tickets here.

We’ll be doing some amazing drinking, some amazing pitching, and some amazing networking. We’ll all have a blast.

As well as TechCrunch people (ok, me), you will also get to meet Claire Braithwaite, the Head of Tech North, to find out about tech in the North of England, and the British Embassy team running the new TechLink project, connecting Estonia and the UK.

Time: 19:30, November 18th

Sponsored by TechLink and the British Embassy and Tech North

Pitch-off at: 8pm

Details: With open bar and snacks.

Location: Garage 48, Rävala pst 7, Tallinn, Estonia

Cost: Free

Tickets: HERE

Everyone is invited!

How To Apply For The Pitch-Off
I will pick eight or nine companies to pitch for a total of about 45 mins. Contestants will have two minutes to pitch (NO SLIDES) and 3 minutes of questions from myself and local judges we will announce here. The event will be in English. The winner will get a table at TC Disrupt Startup Alley in TechCrunch Disrupt London and the runner-up will get two tickets to the event. If you’d like to pitch at the event email mike AT, subject line “TallinnCrunch” with this info:

• Startup Name

• Website URL

• Contact Email

• CrunchBase Profile URL

• Describe your startup in 75 words or fewer

• Founders’ bios in 75 words or fewer

• Have you launched?

• Got funding and from who?

We’ll email you telling you who has been selected to pitch. (If you DON’T get a confirmation email that you’re pitching, then you’re not pitching.)

See you there!