Google Calendar Is Down, Feel Free To Be Late For Your Meetings

Google Calendar is having issues this morning, so if you don’t know what meetings you have and where you are supposed to be, you’re not alone.

As far as we can see, the outage started sometime around 8:15am Pacific this morning and Google acknowledged it shortly after that. It seems like Calendar is down completely for quite a large number of users, but in my own experience, the issue is intermittent.


Update: Google says service has now been restored for some users. The company expects the service to be back up for everybody by 10:30am Pacific Time.

It’s pretty unusual for Calendar to have a major outage, but theĀ Calendar team also had to wrestle with some notifications issues last month.

For the time being, enjoy your mimosa and know that whoever you were supposed to meetĀ is probably wrestling with the same issues.

We will update this post once we hear more.