Codeanywhere Supercharges Its Cloud Development Platform

Of late the code development area has seen Atlassian heading for and IPO and GitHub becoming a Unicorn. But more specifically Koding, and others have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Microsoft, SAP and even Oracle because just about every segment of software development. But one of the biggest problems of cloud-based IDEs is speed. So to fix this problem, Codeanywhere, which we have been tracking since their appearance at Disrupt New York, has rewritten their Cloud IDE from the bottom up to address this speed issue.

With over half a million users, Codeanywhere is pitching itself as a kind of “Google Docs for developers” to make the cloud feel closer to coding on the desktop.

Ivan Burazin, the co-founder of Codeanywhere says the new version has a bunch of new features including a new UI, Goto Anything, hit CMD+P to find anything, including commands GitHub/Bitbucket, repository import wizard and many others. But in the main the platform, he says, is now four times faster to develop on. That’s a significant bump in speed.

Founded in 2012, Codeanywhere based out of Palo Alto and participated in the Fall 2014 batch of Techstars Boston and TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield New York last year.

So far it’s raised a Series A round of funding and now has 150,000 monthly active of 500,000 total registered.

Codeanywhere has a Freemium business model, offering free plans and paid ones starting at $3/user/month going up to $50/user/month.