Checking In On Windows 10

Mired as we are in earnings season, I was slightly remiss this week in keeping tabs on Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system. A few things happened that are worth our time, and, as it’s the weekend, we have the minutes.

First up, Microsoft detailed how it will continue to encourage — force? — users up from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10. Here’s the important passage [Emphasis: TechCrunch]:

We will soon be publishing Windows 10 as an “Optional Update” in Windows Update for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers. Windows Update is the trusted, logical location for our most important updates, and adding Windows 10 here is another way we will make it easy for you to find your upgrade.

Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update”. Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device. Before the upgrade changes the OS of your device, you will be clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue. And of course, if you choose to upgrade (our recommendation!), then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows version if you don’t love it.

You might recall when Microsoft moved Hotmail users to It began as a voluntary shift, followed by increasingly sharp nudges. Microsoft will likely not force people to upgrade, but the company does have a large number of tools at its disposal to, ahem, make its case.

Of course, that the company wants people to use its new code is bending some people out of shape. To wit, this from The Register:

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.37.36 AM

So, there’s that.

Also out this week is a new number: 120 million. According to WinBeta, Windows 10 has moved up from 110 million devices, to 120 million. The article is light on process, but was notable as it continues a trend of the media being able to actually chart Windows 10’s growth. (Yes, I will get on that.)

Three months and 120 million devices, provided that the WinBeta number isn’t batshit, is still slightly better than I expected the company to perform. Early innings are early, and all that. It will be interesting to see when Microsoft decides to drop a new, official.

Oh, and the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 went on sale this week. There, now you are caught up.