Amazon Prime Music Adds Support For Android Wear, Offline Playback From SD Cards

Amazon today rolled out a small, but useful benefit for Amazon Prime members who use the company’s Prime Music streaming service. Though the service already offered the ability to download songs for offline playback, it’s finally addressing one of users’ top requests: you can now download songs directly to your phone’s SD card, in order to free up internal storage space.

Also new today is support for Android Wear, the company notes.

The offline playback option is handy, as it allows you to listen to your collection of tracks from Prime Music’s over a million songs while traveling, or anywhere else you may not have an internet connection. But without support for SD cards – a common way to expand the storage space on Android devices – users were limited in how many songs they could tote around at any given time.

With support for SD cards, that limitation is no longer an issue.

Additionally, the new Android Wear support allows users to browse the Amazon Music app and control playback from their wrist.

Alongside these updates, Amazon Music made a few other interface tweaks, including the addition of a “New to Prime” tab in Prime Music showing the newest arrivals, and a “Popular” tab that displays the top charts for songs, albums and playlists. Lyrics support is also now available beyond the U.S. to include the U.K., too.

Today’s update follows Prime Music’s expansion to Sonos earlier this month, where the service is now available in beta.

Though Amazon Music today still has a smaller catalog of tracks than rivals like iTunes or Spotify, it’s a service that’s been steadily improving over time, as Amazon scores exclusives, streamlines its software, challenges Pandora with its own “Prime Stations,” and more.