Summly Founder Nick D’Aloisio Leaves Yahoo

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIMAAAAJDY2YzYyMmJiLWE3NmItNGUzNy1hY2IxLTE2MTExMTQzMGRhZAThe founder of Yahoo-acquired Summly, Nick D’Aloisio, has left the company to focus on his philosophy and computer science schoolwork at Oxford, we’ve confirmed with D’Aloisio. During the summer, D’Aloisio did a stint at Airbnb as its ‘Entrepreneur In Residence’ according to his LinkedIn profile.

We’ve heard from multiple sources that D’Aloisio could be gearing up for his next startup chapter as his studies wind down some.

The company acquired Summly for a rumored $30 million in 2013 and D’Aloisio, who will turn 20 soon, followed up his Summly work with the release of Yahoo’s News Digest app. That app won an Apple Design Award last June.

When asked about D’Aloisio’s status, a Yahoo spokesperson told us: “Nick has taken time to focus on his studies; he continues to be involved with Yahoo.”

That was something D’Aloisio discussed earlier this year, but his “involvement” level has clearly changed. We’ve heard that the lines of communication are open between the two sides, so perhaps that’s what the company was referring to.

There’s been some executive movement at Yahoo over the past few weeks, including the departure of M&A chief Jackie Reses. The company recently shared its Q3 earnings report, and its stock continues to hover around the $35 mark.