Flosstime Helps You Remember To Floss

There’s a connected gadget for just about anything these days. Why should flossing be any different?

Flosstime, launched on Kickstarter with a $15,000 goal, is a smart floss dispenser that is mounted on the mirror to help build daily flossing habits. It’s pretty simple:

Flosstime sits on the mirror of the bathroom and dispenses the right amount of floss when you press a button, lighting up to show a blue smile. When you don’t press the button, and thus don’t floss, for a few days, the Flosstime lights turn orange and go into a frown.


Of course, the smile and the frown are made more clear by plastic snap-ons for children, that come in the form of a frog, a goldfish and a crab, but you get the idea either way: flossing is good and not flossing is bad.

Plus, the Flosstime accounts for shared bathrooms, with a dual-user mode that separates the light indicators into two halves, with one person’s Flosstime button and record on the right and the other’s on the left.

The Flosstime is currently at $8,000 of its $15,000 goal, with plenty of $17 early bird models left available, as well as various tiered packages that include snap-ons.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.