Fitness App Maker Virtuagym Raises €2.1M Series A

Dutch startup Virtuagym, which makes fitness apps aimed at both consumers and fitness professionals, has picked up €2.1 million in new funding. Despite the modest amount, the round is being dubbed a Series A. But, hey, this is Europe after all. Backing comes from Saffelberg Investments.

Hugo Braam, CEO and co-founder of Virtuagym, says the company will use the new capital to speed up international growth and “further invest in the development of our products and services for our clients, which include gyms, trainers and corporate health services.” To date, Virtuagym says its app and cloud-based software have been used by over 7 million consumers and 1,800 businesses.

“Virtuagym’s primary mission is that we want to enable people to live healthier, more active lives, through the support of new technology,” Braam tells TechCrunch. “Basically we aim to achieve behavioural change, by providing smart feedback and making things easier for people. On the professional side, we aim to make life easier for health and fitness professionals by letting them leverage our proven consumer technology within their business.”

That dual B2C and B2B approach has seen Virtuagym release consumer-facing/standalone apps, such as Virtuagym Food, which competes with MyFitnessPal, as well as developing an “all-in-one” cloud-based solution for fitness providers, including tools for booking, billing and member management.

“What sets us apart from our competitors is that we offer everything in one platform: so not “just” nutrition tracking, but a very solid exercise coaching system as well. And of course the fact that we serve both consumers and professionals,” adds Braam.

“That may seem a bit of an ambiguous approach, but in fact I see it as a key part of our strategy and success. Our success in the consumer market allows us to offer those same tools successfully for our business clients. In my view Virtuagym has the best chance to become the electronic health record of the fitness industry and we’re already partnering with large industry players such as Life Fitness, Matrix and Keiser to make this a reality.”