TC Cribs: GoDaddy’s Playful Sunnyvale Diggs

This week on Cribs we take a ride on over to the Sunnyvale, California, office space for website domain registration service GoDaddy. This is a publicly traded company and the world’s largest domain registrar with over 60 million domains under management.

The Sunnyvale office is just one of many GoDaddy spaces around the world, but being that it is in the midst of Silicon Valley, this one strives for a fun startup feel inside its work environment. 


You’ll see the usual ping pong tables and gaming area that most startups have, but you’ll also notice the Sunnyvale space is designed to look like a mini race car track, complete with faux grass and adult-sized big wheel bikes for motoring around the more than 10,000 square-foot place.

I met up with GoDaddy’s VP of emerging products Rene Reinsberg to check out GoDaddy work life in Silicon Valley. 

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