Jet Uses Samsung Gear VR To Recruit New Candidates

Jet, the membership-based, e-commerce platform that is looking to go toe-to-toe with Amazon, has a beautiful office in Hoboken, New Jersey. When it comes to hiring, things like the transparency board or the fully open layout with a pool table and multiple well-stocked pantries are an obvious draw.

But getting a New Yorker to make the short trek over the Hudson River is difficult enough, let alone flying in a potential candidate from somewhere far away. That said, Jet has tapped Helios to deliver a full VR experience of the Jet office and culture that can be sent to potential candidates.

The VR video gives an immersive look into the culture of the company, with a number of different vignettes from various parts of the office. For example, candidates could watch a meeting with CEO Marc Lore and his team from the center of the table in a conference room. Candidates can also sit in on happy hour and watch the Jet band play to folks sipping on beer and wine as they look out over the Hudson River.

In the 360-degree video below, you can see one of Jet’s Wednesday Tech Talks.

“At Jet, we invest a lot in the people function,” said Marc Lore. “We have a chief people officer and a director of talent experience so that we can ensure Jet is a great place to work for everyone we bring in. But you can’t experience that culture in a day of interviews in conference rooms, so the VR experience is a good way to see what happens over the course of a whole week at Jet.”

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For now, the VR experience is limited to Jet headquarters in Hoboken, but the company said it is looking into doing the same thing for Members Services (Salt Lake City) and Jet’s three fulfillment centers in Swedesboro, NJ, Sparks, NV, and Gardner, KS, respectively.

This would allow potential candidates to see all the parts of the company, where they may very well end up working, as well as current employees a chance to see other parts of the company where they don’t usually work.

Jet has a total of 622 employees, with more than 200 in corporate, with plans to get to more than 2,000 employees by the end of 2016.

Jet launched publicly three months ago and has just reached the 1 million-member mark.