Craft & Rare Wants To Be Amazon Prime For Fine Liquors

There are plenty of on-demand alcohol delivery services including fan favorites Drizly and Minibar. And on the other side of the spectrum, the market is loaded with subscription delivery services for wine and beer, like Club W and Craft Beer Club. But what about the weird stuff? The whiskey with snakes in it? The vodka made from dragon tears?

Craft & Rare wants to fit into the mix by offering hard-to-find fine liquor at a discount, following the Amazon Prime model.

Users pay a yearly membership fee of $79 and get steep discounts and free shipping on all of their purchases. According to founder Aniket Shah, users are seeing discounts of 40 to 50 percent when you include the savings from free shipping.

To acquire new club members, Craft & Rare offers a daily deal on a pre-selected bottles of liquor, with discounts between 25 percent and 40 percent.

For example, today’s daily deal is a 15-year Pusser’s “Nelson’s Blood” Rum. According to the site, the lowest available web price is $68.99. Non-members can get that bottle for $63.98, with members getting the discounted price of $49.99.

You won’t find products like Jack Daniels on Craft & Rare, but rather high-end vodkas, whiskeys, gins, tequilas, etc. that are hard to find at nearby liquor stores, and expensive for folks who live in big cities and have these rarer products at their local liquor stores.

The service launched in September. You can check it out here.